Friends of the Libby Museum, Inc.

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The Libby Museum appears at the Wolfeboro Public Library Wolfeboro, NH. During the month of January, a selection of birds and animals from the Bruce Lauber Collection of the Libby Museum as well as a series of photographs of Dr. Libby’s collection is on display at the Wolfeboro Library. The exhibit features a bit of history about Dr. Henry Forrest Libby and his philosophy, and a large photo of the hopes for the future of the museum’s expansion. Impressively, on a stack of books sits, an adult mountain lion gazes at the passersby below. This animal sparks many a conversation about when the last of its kind was seen in the area. While some say they are no longer here, others are sure they have been seen crossing the road or in their backyard. Nevertheless, it is an impressive animal not to be missed. In the glass display case, sit some photos from a distant time of Dr. Libby and his family on an outing, as well as other small creatures from the collection. Be sure to visit the Wolfeboro Public Library during the month of January to get a book and take in the exhibit. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9-7, Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-4, phone 569-2428.